Welcome to Couples Connect

Rosemary is a UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) accredited Psychotherapist and Supervisor working in her own private practice.   John has completed his training as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and is working towards his accreditation with the UKCP.

We decided to do some additional training to work with couples with a view to applying our personal insights as a couple to helping other couples. We draw on several leading theories of couples counselling such as:

Bader and Pearson’s Developmental Model (http://www.couples institute)

Hendrix and LaKelly Hunt’s Imago Therapy (http://imagorelationships.org)

Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (http://www.eceeft.com)

Gottman Institute (www.gottman.com)

Relational Life Therapy (terryreal.com)

As a couple ourselves, we recognise that relationships are particularly complex and challenging in our times.

Our aim is to provide you and your partner with a safe, confidential and empathic service to facilitate both of you in exploring and progressing your relationship -regardless of age, race, religious beliefs, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We know, from personal experience, that conflict in relationship can be deeply distressing and we will help and support you to navigate through these choppy waters.

‘Communication’ is the number one issue that couples bring to counselling sessions. We will help you to understand how and what you are trying to communicate and how to find ways to express everyday frustrations in ways that lead to resolution, rather than confrontation. This is very relevant to how safe you feel in your relationship.

According to a long-recognised gender stereotype, women build intimacy through talking on an emotional level, while men feel connected with their partner largely through other methods such as touch, sex, routine and shared activities. Further to this, there is evidence to suggest that many men feel distinctly uncomfortable when there’s an attempt to engage them in an emotional conversation.

Consequently, some believe that the counselling process is fundamentally suited to women and that men are more likely to find it unhelpful or even counter-productive. With all of this in mind we offer sessions, as a couple, to help you, as a couple. We help you become aware of potential communication issues while upholding safety for both partners during sessions. True intimacy and connection in relationship requires partners to be able to understand and validate the views of one another, even where individual opinions differ - this can be difficult and often leads to loss of connection, defensiveness and arguments. We will teach you some skills to help promote safety, listening, understanding and, ultimately, healing.