About Rosemary and John

We were in our late forties with late teen/young adult children when we got together. We had both been married before but were still unprepared for the emotional roller-coaster we had embarked on. We were also both becoming grandparents and ‘empty nesters’. Looking back we followed a well-trodden path of misunderstanding and failure to communicate while at the same time knowing we loved each other and wanted to be together. Through couples counselling sessions and exploration we learned how to stop wanting to be right or wrong and learned how to speak about ourselves - ‘this is how I feel, this is what I think, this is what I remember, this is what I imagine’ and we learned to be curious about each other.

We have both worked as Counsellors in secondary school and been Specialist Foster Carers so have a good understanding of issues around children that can affect couple relationships. Other issues that can arise in relationships are:

• Tensions resulting from differences (opinions, preferences, priorities and ways of being)


• Feelings of resentment, anger and anxiety

• Mistrust

• Loss of connection

• Lack of intimacy

• Sexual dissatisfaction

• Infidelity

• Feeling unsafe

• Repeating arguments

• Difficulties with other family members


Couples Counselling Sessions

A question often asked is ‘how many sessions will we need?’. The answer to this is ‘it depends on the issues’. We would suggest initially 6 hours, either 6 x 1 hour sessions or 4 x 1.5 hour sessions and then have a review together. The first session is free.

• 1-hour session with John and Rosemary £70

• 90-minute session with John and Rosemary £105

Fees are payable either by cash, card or cheque at the beginning of each session